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Today, besides maintaining traditions,

we have evolved into one of the largest professional experience in Central Europe, which offers one of the most widest products in the industry. Our commitment to the baker and confectionery profession is constant and indispensable, which the food sector thanks to with its trust.

Our goal is to provide a widest possible spectrum for gastronomic plants, including either a craft bakery or a larger-scale automated bakery plant to strengthen the values that will highlight your business.

About us

An expertin baking machinery

Distribution and servicing of bakery, confectionery machinery and equipment

Bread & Our Credo

There is something very special about making bread

that may be difficult to explain, you just need to try and experience the feeling that the process gives. When we see the dough swollen, then blush in the oven, and when we hear the crack and feel the softness of the gut with our fingers, we only live for the moment. Inside, we feel that we are re -connected to something ancient that has a place in our daily lives, and the sincere gratitude for being in possession of this knowledge.

We believe that with the premium quality machines we sell, we can produce the basic sources of life in all circumstances, at an exceptional standard!

Our products

TurnKey Projects

We have created over 500 bakery projects of 30 – 20000 m2At customer’s request, from designing the project to the realization as  “turnkey” solutionTechnological solution and supportProcess automatizationDefining of machines and lines layout in Your production plan and facilityLayout with installation connectionsInstalling the equipmentStaff training and education.

Bread & Our Credo

Our happy partners' opinion

The most important reasons, why our partners have chosen us:
Fastness – send us a personalized request and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours!
Excellent service – we provide everything in premium quality: from the complete design of plants and putting into operation of the equipment for the whole manufacturing process till transport!
International attitude and expertise – our group of companies has been offering service for more than 25 years to the biggest plants and artisan bakeries of Central-Europe!
Professionalism – our dedicated colleagues offer an experienced background for residential, public body and industrial projects too.

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As an entrepreneur of 32 years, I have been following the approach of Hungarian family-owned businesses as closely as possible. I know what the year-to-year hardships in this capitalist market economy mean. It is a particular pleasure for me when I have the opportunity to work with Hungarian-owned businesses that have successfully passed on the family business from father to son. I have similar goals as your father has already achieved. I am confident that, as the years go by, those around me will think of my three sons in the same way as I do of you. I wish us all continued success in business together.

Péter Tóth

Lipóti pékség

Progép-Goldex Ltd., as a platinum sponsor of the Hungarian Confectioners’ Association, has generously supported the equipping of our workshop with its state-of-the-art confectionery equipment. The MIWE Econo Black Edition air-mixing oven and proofing cabinet, INOMAK freezers and refrigerators, Afinox FASTER shocker, Silanos industrial dishwasher and Rondo dough mixer are used by all our pastry colleagues with great satisfaction in our training courses.

László Selmeczi

National Association of Hungaruan Cakery Bakers

Friendly service staff who will also bring down the stars in case of a technical fault. Fast and correct ordering of spare parts, with helpful staff. By far the most reliable service and car dealer in Hungary!

László Büki


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and place the craft of bread making on a new, innovative foundation!


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